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Love Notes ~ All the single ladies

Posted on March 19, 2014 by Maple Creek

Ah weddings. I love everything about them – from the bride’s gorgeous dress to the decorations to the good times had by everyone present.

With the amount of friends my age getting hitched, I’ve been to quite a few in recent years.

But the wedding I was a part of earlier this month was a special and memorable one for me, because it was my roommate who was the bride. Samantha Mitchell (formerly known as Sam Howard) and I lived together for the past four years. At times, it felt like three-and-a-half years too long for both of us, but we grew close sharing a roof, and the majority of that time was spent more so laughing than screaming in fits of rage.
However, we all grow and eventually go our separate ways – whether it’s career-driven, family-driven or just driven by a need for change. For Sam, it was because she’d rather have a husband than a roommate. Go figure.
I was proud to be there on Sam’s special day to see her and Brian join their lives together. When the time came for the bride to toss her bouquet, it was a moment that brought back fond memories of Sam and myself when we were both single young ladies.
I should have been banished from the sport of bouquet toss ever since the incidents of 2011. At two of those weddings, although every available bachelorette in the room was eager to snag the bouquet, none were as into the game as my roommate and I. Standing at the front of the crowd, we were ready to “win” by any means necessary. This included Sam latching onto my leg as I strained to grab the flowers lying directly in front of me. But I pushed on, nearly twisting my ankle in my three-inch heels in the process. To Sam’s disappointment, I managed to snatch the prize on both occasions.
It must be quite entertaining for “attached” people to watch this particular point in wedding celebrations. Most of us women probably don’t realize just how desperate and vicious we become. Maybe it’s because, for some of us single girls, it’s the first time we’ve gotten our hands on a bouquet of flowers in a long, long time. Sad, really.
The second the bride releases the bouquet into the air, it immediately unlocks the animal in the majority of young bachelorettes present. Screams erupt. The pack pushes forward. Weaker girls are thrown to the floor. Acrylic nails become unintentional weapons, as do spike heels to anyone not wearing proper footwear to protect their toes.
Fortunately, this wasn’t exactly the case at Sam’s wedding reception. With my toughest competition permanently out of the race, I snagged the bouquet of fake roses with ease, but not nearly as much enjoyment. I’ve now decided it’s definitely time for me to retire from the sport.
The herd of single women dispersed as a group of bachelors slowly proceeded to the centre of the room for the garter toss – evidently not as enthusiastic about the thought of getting hitched as the opposite sex.
It’s a funny aspect of wedding celebrations – one that literally puts us single people at centre stage.
Another thing to note about singles and weddings is something I like to call the “spinster shower.” When two people are joined in holy matrimony, as are their belongings. What’s a couple to do with all the extra stuff they’ve accumulated from wedding showers and combined furnishings? Give your old-but-still-in-perfect-condition belongings to your unmarried friends, of course! It’s paid off a lot over the years, let me tell you. This time around, the hand-me-downs simply remained in my house as Sam relocated to her new home. Convenient for both of us.
Much like Valentine’s Day, there’s a lot of stigma that weddings are a miserable time for single people. But there’s no reason to throw a pity party. Until our time comes, we can celebrate with those who are starting an exciting new chapter in their lives – and be thankful for the flowers and appliances our married friends are tossing our way.

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