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Wayne’s World – We are what we think

Posted on December 29, 2015 by Maple Creek

As 2015 winds down and a new year begins, I hope residents will not dwell on difficulties, but focus on the many good things that life in Canada (and particularly southwest Saskatchewan) affords us.
Let’s not spread gloom and doom over negative aspects of life that we cannot change. Instead, let’s be thankful for the blessings we enjoy going into 2016.
Don’t get depressed by:
• record low oil prices
• a sluggish economy
• weak Canadian dollar
• increased cost of groceries and products that are produced in the States
• thousands of people laid off as a result of low energy prices
• the threat of terrorist attacks at home
• weather that is less than ideal for outdoor winter sports such as skiing and tobogganing (and the belief Mother Nature will make us pay for it later)
Let’s give thanks for:
• a lack of nasty weather that winter typically brings
• warm winter temperatures across Canada
• a lower cost to heat houses and buildings this winter
• fuel prices have declined and are more bearable
• not having to remove huge quantities of snow from sidewalks, driveways and roads
• being able to perform fall work into December
• days are getting longer
• nights are getting shorter
• spring is coming and summer will follow
• I will have another grandchild in May
• living in a peaceful country that welcomes newcomers who seek a peaceful life
• access to quality medical care
• Maple Creek has a new integrated healthcare facility
• living  in a democracy and have freedom to express our opinion (provided it’s not hateful)
• freedom to attend church or other non-government organizations
• a quality of life in southwest Saskatchewan that many people envy
• friendly small town life is great for getting to know people
• plenty of open space and blue skies
• geographic diversity and beauty
• clean air and good drinking water
• hot and cold running water
• flush toilets (eliminated cold trips to the outhouse)
• strong local business sector
• civic leaders who have the community’s interest at heart
• electrical service
• reliable vehicles with good heaters
• warm winter clothing is affordable
• quality food and other essentials are delivered regularly
• regular highway clearing and maintenance
• a national transportation system
• relatively inexpensive telephone service
• a world of information is available through Internet access
• a national postal system
• peace (no war) in Canada
• government has implemented counter terrorism measures
• freedom to travel as a person desires
• can be opposed to our government without fear of execution
• we are free to pursue employment options or entrepreneurial initiatives
• can access a wide variety of social programs
• we have the ability and desire to assist people less fortunate than ourselves
• we are free to pursue happiness and enjoy all its benefits

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