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Saskatchewan FIRST!?!

Posted on February 25, 2021 by Maple Creek

To the editor:

From our point of view (workers/taxpayers) it appears our elected representatives never think things through. They don’t see the ramifications of their legislated rules and regulations as they apply to those that actually do the work in the province. Perhaps you have good intentions, we don’t know, but the way it turns out makes your decisions look as if they border on stupidity.
Examples: – Christmas 2020: Who would have thought one could smoke weed at a family Christmas gathering and the illegal part would be the family gathering? There is something inherently wrong with a government that would create that kind of situation for itself.
-A country/province where you can get fined for visiting your neighbour or fishing without a license or visiting your parents/children, but legalizes pot and treats illegals like royalty is governed by idiots. Saskatchewan is better than that – aren’t we?
-Our legislators in Saskatchewan have “locked us down” once again until March 19, 2021. This has been done with no consideration of those areas of the province that all but Covid free. Precautions? – absolutely! Lockdowns and ruining thousands of lives? – We’re better than that – aren’t we?
-If our Saskatchewan legislators believe it’s OK to force businesses to close or drastically reduce its customer traffic you have to take that full step – as long as the business is closed due to your legislation, you must also legislate that that business and its (now unemployed) employees, are not responsible for its power bills, heating bills, utility bills, mortgage interest, rent, or taxes – including municipal, provincial, and federal taxes.
Now, you say – oh, we can’t do that – THEN you can’t force that business to close either. You are the ones who keep saying, “we are all in this together”! There must be another way besides what you have done. We’re better than that – aren’t we?
-Would it be too much to ask our Saskatchewan legislators to deviate from age-old Regina Bureaucratic Policy and try something innovative, productive, progressive, and fair to those who pay your wages? Saskatchewan has resources the entire world wants, we are the “breadbasket of the world”, we have a province full of WORKERS who want to work and produce these goods for world. Why are we where we are at today? We’re better than this, aren’t we?
-In Maple Creek we have deteriorated to a community whose sports facilities are either closed as a result of strict provincial protocols or completely gone. Even the outdoor facility in which folks of all ages played their choice of sports is not available for use. We’re better than that – aren’t we?
-Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Saskatchewan could lead the way in doing something GOOD? Wouldn’t we be proud of our province and our premier if the world (or even other premiers) would point to Saskatchewan and say, “Now there is something that really works, that is brilliant leadership”? It’s there to be done, Mr. Moe. Why not give it some thought?
Duane Migowsky
Maple Creek

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