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Grateful for speedy, efficient and professional restoration of our essential services

Posted on April 14, 2022 by Maple Creek

Over the past week, our area was hit with some unusual, disruptive and inconvenient situations as a result of the unusual weather conditions that affected our area.  The affect of the downing of power poles and resulting lack of power was the situation that most disrupted the everyday life of residents in the southwest part of the province.
After the first couple of days of that disruptive weather and the initial power outage in Maple Creek and area on Tuesday, April 5, many of us spent at least one cold night sleeping through the night with no electrical power.
Other aspects of our lives that depended on the presence of electrical services were also disrupted.  When this was combined with a power outage that influenced the Maple Creek water treatment facility, that added even more disruption to our regular living conditions.
If anyone took a drive north or south of Maple Creek on Highway #21, they would have been amazed at the amount of destruction that wreaked havok on the power distribution system.  I was informed that an estimated 200 to 300 power poles had been blown down, or shattered.
When I went out to see the situation for myself on Thursday, many power poles to the south of town were still down.
However, to the north, Sask Power and associated company crews were well along the way to replacing poles and power lines.
When I visited briefly with one of the supervisors in the early afternoon, he mentioned that crews had already replaced most of the lines to the Trans Canada, a distance of eight kilometres, and planned on starting to work on southern lines within the next couple of days.
Power to all regional locations had been reconnected in less than five days by Sunday, April 10.  Then on Monday, April 11, we were informed that the water treatment facility was fully functional.
So, after that initial storm, all services were restored within five days.
I would like to extend my thanks to Sask Power and associated company employees and workers at the water treatment plant for their quick, efficient and professional efforts to deal with these situations and quickly restore these essential services to our area.  I hope that others would agree.
Lewis Bevan
Maple Creek

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