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The newest addition to downtown Maple Creek

Posted on November 17, 2016 by Maple Creek
NEWS PHOTO MEGAN ROTH First a Town Councillor and now a business owner. Cara Teichroeb expects the opening of Laundry Mountain and Mountain Soul, next month in downtown Maple Creek.

Megan Roth
Twitter: @MeganMCNews

The downtown core is growing thanks to the new business venture by Cara Teichroeb.

Laundry Mountain and Mountain Soul will open next month, with the planned open date to be Dec. 15.

The two businesses will be in the same location at 130 Jasper Street, next door to The Daily Grind.

Laundry Mountain, a laundromat, will be in the front half of the business facing Jasper Street.

Mountain Soul, a spiritual healing and counseling centre,  will take up the back half and have a private space for Teichroeb to work with clients.

“I had been looking for a little while now for a business opportunity, when Tina [Cresswell] told me we needed a laundromat in town,” Teichroeb said.

The name Laundry Mountain came from Teichroeb’s time raising four children. She became very good at doing laundry folding it or at the very least getting everything to just lay flat, she said.

“Even though it was all flat it piled up. I would have a kid ask me where a shirt was and I would tell them to check laundry mountain,” she laughed.

There have been some questions about what parking will be like, as the laundromat will be downtown and parking can be tight at times.

Teichroeb said the answer to the parking situation is  the hours the business will have.

Laundry Mountain will be open seven days a week. Monday to Friday it will be open from 8 a.m. – 9 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 8 p.m.

The businesses surrounding Laundry Mountain/Mountain Soul are not open as late or all weekend, which will free up parking space out front, Teichroeb said.

As well there will be two parking spots in the back, with access to the building for patrons for both Mountain Soul and Laundry Mountain.

“I feel there will be lots of space for those looking to park here to do their laundry,” said Teichroeb.

Teichroeb is planning on having six washing machines and driers in the laundromat, along with one industrial sized washer and drier. She also plans on having one specific machine designated for dirty work clothes. Her thought is it will be used for the very dirty and oily clothes from some professions.

“That way you don’t look at the machine and wonder what went through it last. There will be a designated machine for those,” Teichroeb explained.

The plan is for the laundromat to be more than just a place to do the laundry. Teichroeb plans to have a social aspect to the area.

Cresswell will still be doing her rug hooking and teaching Teichroeb how to as well.

Teichroeb also hopes to hold craft workshops in the building and have the crafts on display there as well.

“As part of the social aspect, I’m planning on having a bumper sticker wall,” said Teichroeb.

The bumper sticker wall is  going to  be used to encourage people to bring their favourite bumper stickers and “put their stamp on Laundry Mountain.”

Of course the building will have more than just the laundromat, Teichroeb is also opening a spiritual centre.

Teichroeb is a Reiki master, and will provide spiritual healing, counseling and life coaching in Mountain Soul. Reiki, Teichroeb explained, is a form of healing using gentle touches. It is a form of alternative medicine developed by Japanese Buddhists.

“I’m not a magical fix all,” said Teichroeb. “I’ll be helping, and guiding people to become a better, healthier version of themselves.”

Mountain Soul, the name for the spiritual healing side of the business, came because Teichroeb is from the Kootnies, and always thought her soul belonged in the mountains.

“I found things that fed my mountain soul here, Maple Creek has become my home,” said Teichroeb.

The plans for this business opportunity have been in the works since this past July.

Teichroeb credits everything to Cresswell who she said helped her immensely when planning the business.

“I’m so proud of [Teichroeb], I really think this business is a great addition to Maple Creek and that she is going to do really well with it,” Cresswell said.
Maple Creek has been without a laundromat since it was lost to a fire two years ago.

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