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Wayne’s World ~ Toss out the enemy within

Posted on November 12, 2013 by Maple Creek

As Canadians took time to reflect on the sacrifices that their military has made while battling aggression and forces of evil, Torontonians were focused on another type of battle – that of their Mayor Rob Ford. After a week of intense scrutiny, the mayor remains steadfast that he will not resign, even after admitting he has smoked crack cocaine! After all, isn’t he a good guy at heart who is simply misunderstood?

I am certain he also appreciated Remembrance Day this year, likely more than ever. He spoke briefly at a downtown ceremony and laid a wreath.
As he hastily left and refused to speak with journalists, he guaranteed he was not going anywhere in reference to resigning. Instead of facing a barrage of questions from media personnel, the mayor took advantage of the statutory holiday to make a safe public appearance and then dash away from reporters and camera crews that have been sticking to him like napalm on the Viet Cong.
Now, some people will say that is an inappropriate analogy and portrays an ethnic group as a victim and the other as the aggressor. The truth is war does not discriminate when it comes to atrocity. Everyone involved becomes a victim. If the scars of dealing with injury, death and destruction are not visible they are carried inside by the men and women subject to the evils of war.
Unfortunately, as mankind has refined and advanced its weapons of warfare, the number of civilians killed in military campaigns has continued to increase. In fact, far more civilians are killed than soldiers in modern wars. This collateral damage is deemed acceptable by the governments and generals that wage war.
A person can only imagine the heartache that such collateral damage is doing to Rob Ford’s children and family. I believe it is something they are familiar with and that says something in itself. His sister, a recovered drug addict, says Rob is not an addict because she would know. Addict or not, he definitely has a substance abuse problem that he refuses to recognize.
The tactics the mayor uses when dealing with the media and their questions are simple: deny, deny, deny, deny, lie, lie, lie – and then go on the attack. He has accused reporters of fabricating stories and his brother has accused the police of going on a witch hunt. When damning evidence is found such as a video that shows him smoking crack, then he admits that he may have tried it during one of his drunken stupors. It’s unbelievable that such a bold-faced liar will not take the correct action and step down.
It is even more incomprehensible that some Toronto residents continue to support the mayor because he admitted his mistakes. It is astonishing that after the police chief confirmed a video was discovered showing the mayor taking a hit from a crack pipe, Ford’s approval ratings increased. That is correct, his rating apparently increased five per cent to 44 per cent which makes a person wonder if 44 per cent of Toronto residents are crackheads or gang members with whom he associates.
While the mayor has refused to admit that he has a drinking or substance abuse problem, another victim in this charade is his radio talk show which was suddenly cancelled upon mutual agreement of Ford and the station.
Perhaps the most telling sign of fear in the Ford camp was the appearance of a billboard last week that used Toronto’s logo and religion in its pledge of support for the mayor. It stated:
“We support Mayor Ford. Ford = Fiscal ‘Responsibility’
Let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone (John 8:7) NLT.”
It is obvious that there is big trouble on the political front when support for a public figure comes in the form of someone quoting scripture.
I believe the Biblical reference was in regard to preparations to stone a woman to death for committing adultery. I have always wondered where the guy in that affair was at the time the woman was accused. Perhaps he was like Rob Ford and was already stoned out of his mind.
If that’s the case, it may have been acceptable since Mayor Ford says he didn’t lie about using crack cocaine. You simply didn’t ask the right questions he told reporters.
I personally hope the Ford saga ends soon as I have heard way too many apologies from the mayor, apologies that really say, I am sorry I got caught – now, get lost and let me belly up to the trough.

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