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Massiah’s Message ~ Winter ready

Posted on December 4, 2013 by Maple Creek

Earlier this week a blizzard rolled in. It was like the blizzard from Alberta decided to cross the border into mild Saskatchewan and hit us like a slap in the face.

I was thinking of poor Jamie McDonald, the runner that is raising funds for children’s hospitals and is running across Canada right now. I hope he’s hunkered down somewhere warm for the night.

I watched as the storm came in and covered my car and the entire street like a topping of cake icing.

It was pretty neat to watch, but I thought as I was shoveling earlier that day, “I hope it doesn’t snow anymore.” I headed out to the fundraiser for the Philippines that evening and froze on my way there. It was so cold and windy, but there were a bunch of people that still came out to support them, cold and all. And oh, did it snow the next day. I felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest from lifting the heavy snow and trying to shove the rest of it out of the way.

My car started on the first try as well so I gave little Red (the SUV) a pat on the dash and began making my coffee for the day.

Up until that point I had taken all my winter gear out of the car, since we had a pretty mild weather. A few weeks back on a visit to Costco, the clerk at the service station let me know that I have a few seasons left out of my winter tires, so that saved me about $700 and was worth a cheer this morning looking at all that snow. This morning as I was plucking the ice off my windshield wipers I tossed my -15 C sleeping bag into the car, along with the winter kit, snow plants, extra jacket and fuzzy underclothes. 

I have to say, as I watched people clearing off the snow this morning, the town snow removal crew behaves like a well-oiled machine. They were plowing the snow into big ridges down the centre of the main roads before 8 a.m. and I drove down the main arteries of town easily with no delays. I’d say at about 9 a.m. they already had all the snow trucked away from Harder Street. It was like watching a harvest happening, except it was all snow and ice.

In my over 20-year-old age I feel like I am starting to truly ‘feel’ winter in my bones. This whole week since I’ve over-exercised and pulled a muscle I am trying to take it easy, which is a bit difficult since I’m going to the cold arena, or out and about in town. I thought it was a fluke of my age that only one of my legs hurt like heck, so I rested, iced it and elevated it. This morning after applying all of that aid to the muscles, the other leg hurts just as equally.

You know that feeling when you wish it’s Thursday and you realize, no matter how much you pray, that it’s still Tuesday? That’s how I felt today.

Winter is also a good indication for hockey season. Last weekend I covered an atom tourney. I also went to the bantam game on Friday and Cyclones hockey on Sunday. I’m there so often lately I feel like I should probably permanently decorate a chair in the mezzanine area. As for news about the NHL and WHL, last week was an awesome week for me, because although I didn’t get to see it myself in person, Team Russia played members of the WHL in Lethbridge and Red Deer. I’d have to say behind Team Canada, Russia and Sweden are my favourite Olympic hockey picks. Also on Sunday I got funny looks as I donned my giant red Flames hoodie and wrapped myself in my Montreal Canadiens blanket as I tried to watch both games. I screamed and almost vibrated in place as the Flames and Habs won each game. I’d have to say, it was a truly great day!

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