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Wayne’s World – Heartache and happiness – a terrible mix

Posted on July 28, 2014 by Maple Creek

After experiencing the joy of writing for more than 35 years, one thing has not changed.

It is not easy – in fact it is downright difficult – to address tragedies that strike close to home. I am of course referring to the death of two Ravenscrag youths. My heart, and I dare say the heart of every person in southwest Saskatchewan, goes out to the Arnal family who lost two sons on July 23 in a tragic ranch accident.

Eight months ago I had to deal with the unexpected death of my mother, which was difficult. However, I cannot fathom how hard it is to deal with the simultaneous and sudden death of two children. I know that I speak for residents when I say to Cliff and Anne, “We share your suffering and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong as a family and do not lose hope.” Words are simply not enough at a time like this to convey the hurt that we all feel.

Furthermore, I have to now change gears and somehow address happy times in the short space this column permits. Therefore, I ask forgiveness as I change the subject to something that is totally unrelated and totally trivial in respect to life, death and the loss of loved ones.

I am not sure readers (even discerning readers) know what occurred during the 2014 Cowtown Pro Rodeo parade in regards to law enforcement. Page 7 of the July 24 issue of the Maple Creek News had a photo of RCMP Sergeant Jeremy Allard and Constable Bill Webb on the front seat of the Heart & Stroke big bike. Readers need to know the full story behind the photo.

As the big bike completed the parade route and rounded the corner at Pacific Avenue and Sidney Street, two RCMP officers were spotted hitch-hiking. Since they led the parade and were likely hot and tired (not to mention carrying sidearms), the bike pulled over and allowed them to join the team.

However, a resident took matters into her own hands and used her water gun to put the fear of a severe soaking into the RCMP (check out the photo). Yes, Molly Bacsu, for some unexplainable reason, leveled her water gun at the sergeant’s rear and said . . .

Well, I do not know what type of favours she demanded, but from the smile on the sergeant’s face I can only guess. The fact he and his wingman put their hands up is evidence they were totally caught off guard and forced to agree to the crazy demands of Molly. Don’t let their smiles fool you, this was a crisis situation (at least in my mind).

Thankfully, due to the presence of the media and the sergeant’s negotiating skills, they were allowed to leave the big bike when it returned to the downtown core. Had a journalist not been part of the Heart & Stroke big bike team, I cannot imagine what would have happened. Actually, I can imagine all sorts of things, but unfortunately I cannot write about them because it would expose my twisted sense of humour.

It is unfortunate Sgt. Allard will be transferred out of Maple Creek at some time in the future because he and his family have been a great addition to the community. He will definitely be missed as the coach of the  Cypress Cyclones.

As for this week, I hope to see everyone at the fundraiser for William Francis-Schimpf on Wednesday evening.

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