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Wayne’s World – No need to read between the lines

Posted on December 22, 2014 by Maple Creek

I know it’s Christmas time – the season of goodwill – and that is what any columnist who is worth his or her salt will write about.

However, something is gnawing at my insides and I have to let the beast out. It’s a small matter, but nonetheless it irritates me every time I think about it, so one course of action is to vent and release my frustration. It’s not the best course of action, but let’s be totally honest with each other since it is a special time of year. Venting will make me feel better temporarily and it will fill some space in my column which means I may get to bed before midnight and start the work week in a good frame of mind.

My latest beef is with Sony Corp and North Korea, one of the most irritating nations on the face of the earth. I am sure most readers are aware that North Korea objected to the upcoming release of a film titled The Interview and therefore launched a cyber attack that shut down Sony’s website, resulted in the disclosure of company and employee information and caused the cancellation of the movie.

Firstly, of the thousands of movie proposals that sit on the desks of Sony executives, why would they choose one that would blatantly anger a hot-head like North Korean leader Kim Jong Un? Did they really think that a comedy about a plot to assassinate the dictator (emphasis on the dic) would make him laugh? Did they think their freedom of speech allows them to use a movie to humiliate anyone they choose?

Not everyone can take a joke and criticism, especially if they have self-esteem issues or a misguided sense of values like religious fanatics who feel men can engage in a holy war and feel justified slaughtering children and innocent people. It is obvious from previous temper tantrums by Kim Jong Un that he doesn’t have much of a sense of humour, so what’s with his hair? Think about it. If you were forced as a child to have a hair cut like his, wouldn’t you have anger management issues and lash out at anyone who offended you? Personally, I could not stoop so low as to give a poodle the same grooming that the North Korean leader receives.

I grow tired listening to his rhetoric that is now more bizarre than usual. The latest stuff that is coming out of his mouth and from state media claim the United States engineered the release of Sony’s offensive movie as a propaganda tool. They claim the movie directors were under instruction from U.S. government officials to put in extra scenes to insult the dignity of North Korea. He also called the cyber attack on Sony a righteous deed and said North Korea had nothing to with it, but then vowed the White House will be blown up in retaliation for U.S. government’s actions.

The remarks sound like that of a spoiled child – one with a very bad hair cut. Is it just me or are there other people who would like to see the mouthpiece choke on his own words, lies and propaganda? He is like an irritating pimple that won’t go away – a hemorrhoid with an attitude.

It’s also somewhat sad that Sony and movie theatres caved in to North Korea’s threats to attack cinemas that planned on showing the movie. It shows that we (nations in the western world) are beginning to believe the threats of pipsqueak nations and terrorists. We are beginning to live in a fear mentality and to some degree we have brought it on ourselves through senseless actions that anger other nations. What comes to mind is the case of a Danish newspaper that published editorial cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and then wondered why Islamic nations were offended and rioted in protest. There is a big difference between something that is intended to be funny in a general fashion and something that targets an individual or a specific group.

Therefore, I will have to stop making comments about Kim Jung Un and his ridiculous haircut. Perhaps it’s the best he can afford since North Korea continues to be in deep financial trouble. The country spends its money on military equipment instead of its people and as a result residents often do not have enough food or heating fuel in the winter. It’s a real mess.

Anyway, on to better things so this column does not end on a negative note. Speaking of a note (a musical note and lots of them), I attended the Chinook Concert Choir performance and for the first time heard songs from Handel’s Messiah performed live. For people who are unfamiliar with the music, it is beautiful and very complex as Freidrich Handel somehow put ancient biblical text to incredible musical arrangements. The whole experience was incredible and it was truly awesome to hear such a performance in person.  Unfortunately the battery on my camera died just after I began shooting video.

The choir members, soloists, pianist Jasmine Song and director Heather Macnab deserve a big pat on the back for treating residents to something they would be hard pressed to find in a city. Thank you for treating me to something I never thought I would experience, especially in a small town – the old cowtown to be exact.

I also extend a special thanks to the local Salvation Army for everything they do. The organization and its volunteers are the unsung heroes in times of need. Their emergency services and local food bank is something we can really give thanks for, especially in a small community like Maple Creek.

Have a wonderful holiday season and be sure to share it with family and friends.

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