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Nerd Talk – Mothers are super

Posted on May 5, 2016 by Maple Creek

She is there every step of the way in our life.  She sees you at your worst and at your best. She makes you a better person through her expectations and concerns. She is the one you turn too when you have troubles all while making supper and doing laundry.
She is your mother and while you were growing up you may not have appreciated all she did and could do for you now is the time to recognize who she truly is.
Your mother is a superhero.
Don’t scoff at the idea. Just because the woman who raised you may not have the obvious superpowers does not mean she does not qualify.
Lets look at the evidence.
Mothers have got to have either a sixth sense, can see into the future, or have an extra eye because they always know.
It doesn’t matter how sneaky you thought you were getting that cookie before supper-time, she always knew what you were doing.
She could be in a completely different part of the house but she always knew to tell you not to pester your sibling. She could do that even before your sibling went running off to tattle.
There were even those weird and down right spooky times when you would call and she would know it was you calling and why. This, of course, was before the time of caller I.D.
Not only that but mothers can tell where everything is. Need to find something but have no idea where you last saw it. Just ask mom, she will tell you it is on the back of the chair in the dinning room, “right where you left it.”
Mother’s are also scarily strong, they must have some type of super strength they are hiding from the family.
Mothers can easily carry multiple bags full of heavy groceries. You know the ones. Those daunting bags full of cans, because for some reason we all put the cans into one bag, the ones that even as an adult you wish you didn’t have to carry. Your mother carried those no problem, even if she did shout for help from time to time.
A mother can carry a toddler and a basket full of laundry at the same time. Both sound heavy by themselves, putting them together sounds like a recipe to have clothes scattered everywhere.
There have even been reported cases of mothers lifting an extremely heavy object to help a member of her family. While I have never seen this myself, I have seen my mother lift-up part of the couch to vacuum under it. A task I have no wish to recreate, and can’t, I’m sure.
Mothers also have the ability to stretch and reach everything.
Everyone has experienced that time where something was way out of your reach. Think, who was it you called for? Probably your mom, who would reach up to the very top shelf like it was nothing.
Mother have the best immune system out there. They have a healing factor that could compare with Wolverine’s easily. Mothers are always on the go. They don’t have time to be sick. I can only remember a handful of times when my mother was actually ill. Less then five really. She was always there ready to go and not sick.
Even when the cold and flu were rampaging through the house and everyone got sick, possibly even twice, your mother didn’t even get a sniffle.
On top of all these superpowers your mother was also some sort of magician with amazing, wonderful magic powers, that astound you to this day.
No one can make a wound hurt less like your mother can. Who else but your mom could make you feel better by kissing your ‘boo-boo’?
When a mother cooks nothing else can compare because of the magic she casts on her dishes. Nowhere else you go will ever making stuffing the way she does at Christmas. Not even Grandma’s tomato sauce can compare – even if it did just come from a can.
When you try to make the exact same dish, right down to the exact same recipe written out by your own mother, it just isn’t the same. There is something missing. It’s the magic she puts into her food.
As adults we begin to see just what a mother does for us as we grow, and even while we are adults. She is there to listen and teach us what it means to be part of society, to be a person in this world. She is our first role model and the one we measure so many people by.
Sometimes a mother isn’t biological. A mother can be your grandmother or aunt. Sometimes a sister can take over the role or even a friend’s mother who stepped in.
Mothers make up a vast part of our lives from our earliest memories to starting our own families and beyond. It isn’t until many people are at the point where they are ready to start their own family that they begin to realize how much their own mother has done, and continues to do.
They are superheroes who are always there to save the day.
Even if you didn’t always get along and fought, she was there as soon as you needed her to make it all better.
Mother’s deserve our recognition every day of the year, but only get one day on the calendar.
May 8 is Mother’s Day, make sure to show your superhero some appreciation.
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

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