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New Year’s resolution

Posted on January 12, 2018 by Maple Creek

Christalee Froese

This year I made one simple resolution: NOT TO MAKE ANY NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS.
This particular resolution has been a long-time coming.
I’m traditionally and perennially a maker of enormous lists of resolutions. These lists from years gone by include everything from traveling the world to viewing the world differently to running part way around the world. Some resolutions have been kept—MOST have not.
Having lived through this up and down process of failing to keep my most of my resolutions, I officially resolved to stop resolving.
It felt good.
Actually, it felt great.
However, what message should I receive from my daughter’s Grade 1 teacher but the following NEW YEARS RESOLUTION:
“We made a class resolution. Here it is:
We discussed what that looks like. For example, remembering our five school values and continue our acts of kindness as well as always trying my best.
Please discuss this resolution with your child. Kindness is the first step to anything successful.
Thank you for your continued support at home.”
I loved the Grade 1 Class resolution so much that it has forced me into breaking my own New Years resolution.
I hereby rescind my own New Years resolution to NOT TO MAKE ANY NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. From henceforth forward, I shall abide whole-heartedly by the New Years resolution formally adopted by the Grade 1 Montmartre School class on this day of the first day of school after the Christmas break.
Just to be clear, I had to look up the school’s five values.
Here’s what I found in the school handbook:
Our Values
Honesty—Staff and students are committed to act with honesty and integrity in every situation within the school community. We act with good intentions and take responsibility for our actions.
Empathy—Staff will be supportive, inclusive and take an interest in all people within the school community. Students will act in a cooperative manner, maintain an open mind, and embrace diversity. All people at Montmartre School will strive to display selfless behaviours and act with compassion.
Respect—Staff will be respectful and honest with students, community members and each other. They will be positive role models. Students will strive to meet these high moral expectations by being truthful, respectful, and just.
Responsibility—Staff will be responsible to provide engaging and relevant learning opportunities while meeting the diverse needs and learning styles of students. Students will engage in this process by actively participating in their learning to the very best of their ability. Everyone will create a supportive, safe and a respectful school environment both inside and outside of the classroom.
Independence—Staff will independently ensure the values of the school are modeled and encouraged. Students will strive to be independent in their studies and will set goals for a successful future.
I officially change my New Years resolutions for 2018 to these ones, and like the Grade 1 teacher said in her email, ‘Kindness is the first step….”
So here’s to a kinder and gentler 2018.
Thank you Mrs. Michael, and thank you Montmartre School!
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