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Upgrades to Gull Lake’s water plant a waste of money

Posted on March 11, 2021 by Maple Creek

Letter to the editor:

The water security agency is compelling the Town of Gull Lake to upgrade our water plant, with an estimated cost of 10 million dollars.
First off, why do we need a water plant to treat millions and millions of gals. of water? Most of which goes down the toilet, or on the grass, gardens, etc. Very few actually drink the stuff, and the few that do, use filters to try to get the gunk out that the water plant puts in. Is this not dumber than standing on the board you are lifting?
If there really is something wrong with the water from our water well, would it not be better to declare it not drinkable, then sell bottled water? Even give bottled drinking water to those that have been drinking Town water, and save some nine million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand dollars?

Larry Sutton
Gull Lake, Sask

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