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Hometown Tour coming to Consul

Posted on October 10, 2017 by Maple Creek

Scott Schmidt
Maple Creek News

If you’ve watched Saskatchewan-based CTV News, you’ve no doubt seen the Hometown Tour segment, where a crew will visit rural communities across the province, showcasing those places you might’ve heard of, but not had the chance to see.
On the docket this fall, tucked away in the southwest corner, is the Village of Consul and its not-quite 80 people who call it home.
“I just think it’s great,” Consul Mayor Linda Brown says. “I watch these Hometown Tours on the news all the time, and I always thought it would be really cool if they came out to feature us.”
The CTV crew will arrive in Consul on Oct. 17, either late in the morning or early in the afternoon. They will spend the day visiting various Consul locations, talking to town folk and shooting footage for a segment that will air on Oct. 25.
“They do aout four stops in each (place),” Brown says. “A couple of things I know they’re going to try to do are go to the school and then visit Larry McMillan and his classic cars. He stores some of his cars on a lot in town here.
“We’re (also) going to go to the Co-op; there will be lunch sponsored by the Co-op.”
The exact details of where and what the CTV crew will visit are not set in stone yet, but Brown says they will let people know through some type of advertising once they are. Brown hopes a trip to visit students at the school makes the list though, as the children would no doubt enjoy having a camera crew there just for them.
“It’s nice for the kids, too, to participate in something like this,” she says. “It’s just great, I think, for the whole village. A lot of people don’t probably know that we exist down here, so it’s great that (CTV is) coming here.”
The village is small but the RM is fairly widespread, with a few hundred residents living a quiet, rural life. For those who live there, it’s the perfect spot, and as people will soon see thanks to CTV, Consul might just be perfect for them as well.
“I think it’s great,” Brown says, adding that for a really small village, they have a lot to offer families. “We have a really nice daycare here, quite a nice rink for the size of our community … mostly handled by volunteers.
“I think we do well in that area — people are always willing to help out with things in our community.”

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