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PPC wishes to remove carbon tax

Posted on September 14, 2021 by Maple Creek

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The Peoples Party of Canada has found its Cypress Hills-Grasslands candidate in Charles Hislop.
Hislop is a local to Shaunavon and decided to run for the PPC because he couldn’t bring himself to vote for a carbon tax any longer.
“I’ve been a long-term Conservative supporter but their platform this year is something I just couldn’t vote for,” said Hislop.
“Another 10 years of deficits and a carbon tax.
“Thinking of what this country is going to turn into if we keep going down this conservative line, for my children and everyone else’s children, and the vaccine and mask mandates, it’s been a real hardship on everyone’s children.”
Hislop said that the government needs to start focusing on real issues like getting rid of carbon tax and balancing the budget.
The PPC does have plans if elected to remove the carbon tax and remove all vaccine mandates and any Covid-19 restrictions that still exist.
If elected Hislop plans to support farmers and oil field workers by removing the carbon tax and lowering taxes.
The tax plan the PPC has put forward includes getting rid of the current tax brackets and having only two brackets: individuals earning between $15,000 and $100,000 will be taxed at a rate of 15 per cent, while those making above $100,000 will be at a rate of 25 per cent.
“Hopefully it will help the middle-class people who are actually working every single day trying to make ends meet.
“We’re all struggling and it’s something that would really benefit everybody in this position,” said Hislop.
Although there are some challenges connected with being on the campaign trail, Hislop says the experience has been a good one overall.


“It’s been a struggle trying to find volunteers, but it’s all coming together.
“There’s a lot more support than last election,” said Hislop.
Last election the PPC got just over 1 per cent of the vote nationally, and their leader Maxime Bernier lost his own seat in Beauce Quebec to Conservative candidate Richard Lehoux.
Hislop believes that the PPC will have better election chances in ridings that have returning candidates.
Hislop is local to Shaunavon and is a oilfield battery operator.
In Cypress Hills-Grasslands last election the PPC candidate Lee Harding got 1,075 votes, putting the PPC in fourth place.

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