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Beware of scammers impersonating government officers

Posted on May 17, 2022 by Maple Creek

Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

The Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan (FCAA) warns the public that in other provinces, scammers have been impersonating officers from financial authorities or from law enforcement.
“Financial scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to spot, which is why residents must exercise the utmost caution,” FCAA Securities Division Executive Director Dean Murrison said.
“The best way to keep your money safe is to always assume someone could be a scammer. Double-check and do your due diligence. Do not trust until you know it is safe to do so.”
By purporting to be government or law enforcement officials, the scammers successfully persuaded their victims to download an app. The app allowed the scammers to take control of the victims’ computer and access private information.
Asking someone to download an app should be considered a red flag.
Similarly, requesting access to a computer or other device, or asking for payment in order to recover stolen funds are all suspicious requests that should alert residents that they may be talking with a scammer. The FCAA will never make these types of requests.
If you are contacted by someone claiming to work for the FCAA, request a call back number and their name. Verify their identity by calling our main line at 306-787-5645.
Other tips to keep safe include:
• Never give someone remote access to your computer or laptop.
• Never provide personal information, including credit card, your driver’s license or passport information, without first verifying the authenticity of the person or company asking for it.
• If you feel something is not right, trust your instincts and stop communication with the person.
For more investor protection information, visit https://fcaa/gov.sk.ca/consumers-investors- pension-plan-members/investors.

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